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What's Bugging YOU?!?

Well, consider this: On May 6, 2017, Mars turned retrograde at 5 Degrees of Libra. It will turn direct again on April 17th at 16 Degrees of Virgo So what does this mean to you? Well, Retrograde Mars most often will make most of us internalize anger and we find ourselves coming forth with anger at the darnedest things!

For instance, if you stub your toe, your normal reaction is to cuss and and say a few naughty words and get so mad you kick the door just because it hurt your toe, right? But now with Mars turned retrograde, you instead hold that anger inside. It just doesn't come out as freely at the APPROPRIATE time! (Note the operative word there is appropriate!) You then have minor angers building on minor angers, and ultimately you are screaming at the cat because the poor buggar is laying on your TV like he always does!

So Mars Retrograde can make you harbor anger and express it at the most inappropriate time and place and person. And if the retrogradation of the transit happens to aspect anything in your chart, this can be much more pronounced. The area of your chart which this hits is probably where you're going to have the most problem as well.

Anytime a planet is retrograde, it's a good time to REflect, or REorgananize or any of those other RE words that we know we need to do. But for most of us, it's much easier to just pout, slap the cat and kick that offensive door one more time for good measure. (ouch!)

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